The Omaha Fringe was created based on this long tradition of Fringe festivals. We felt that that there was a need in Omaha for this type of festival. In the true spirit of Fringe festivals, our festival allows anyone to apply and our applicants are chosen by lottery, so everyone has an equal shot at getting a performance slot. Our first year festival produced ten different performances in two different spaces at the University of Nebraska, Omaha. We had over seven hundred audience members from all around the Omaha community come and celebrate the different productions our artists created. This year will be our second year of running the festival and we hope to make it a little bit bigger and reach an even wider scope of the Omaha Performing Arts community.


Line up:
5:30 PM- BROOKE BARSELL- Brooke Makes Fun Comedy Special
Brooke Barsell is an absurd autobiographical comedian from Omaha, Nebraska. She finds humor in everyday life including her allergies, juicing cucumbers and her years as a competitive cheerleader. Certified in cheerfulness, charisma and character, this free spirit cannot be numbered with earth time. In her short time on the comedy scene she has made herself known.

7:00 PM- BIG CANVAS THEATRE- Once Upon a Time in Omaha
Some of Omaha’s best improv comedians take the stage for a fast, funny, family-friendly Comedy for Everyone show based on your suggestions. A once a lifetime show. The suggestions are always different, the cast is always different, but the entertainment is always the best in Omaha.

Everyone grew up around a tv set and a couch, and we all remember the sitcoms and television shows we grew up with fondly. Whether we would like to admit it or not, these shows directly impacted our lives. In the devised piece, Sitcom, actors’ personal stories are told through the lens of tv sitcoms and the symbolic nature of how we see our lives through a television screen. In this surreal and escapist play, actors convey important issues within society that were personal to them including body dysmorphia, mental illness, stereotypes, toxic masculinity, home life, and the realities of perceived ‘happy endings’. Join us for the ‘upcoming episode’ of Sitcom.

10:00 PM- JUNGLE PRODUCTIONS 2- Prohibition 100 Years: Temperance is Dead
Prohibition 100 Years is an exploration into the 1920s through interwoven monologues. Each character brings a glance into their lifestyle, from the Palooka to a Flapper. Each insight enhances an era portrayed by Boardwalk Empire, The Untouchables, and The Great Gatsby.

  • Big Canvas Theater
  • 3624 Farnam St.
  • Omaha
  • NE
  • USA

Event Schedule Details

  • August 13, 2021 5:30 PM - 11:00 PM