Long-Form Improv Classes (8 Weeks Each)

Level 1 – Long-Form Introduction

In this beginner-level class, you’ll learn about the history of improvisation, theories surrounding the artform, and how to create scenes based on nothing but an audience suggestion.

Class currently not in session.

Level 2 – Characters

With your Level 1 foundation set, you’ll start to develop characters and find your own, unique point of view that you can bring to scenes. We’ll help you find your comedic voice, and the class will begin to develop its group mind.

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Level 3 – Scenic

This class will focus on two-person scenes, while also continuing to build a group mind. You’ll learn how to connect scenes together and the elements of good, scenic improv.

Class currently not in session.

Level 4 – The Harold

We’ll pull together everything you’ve learned in the previous levels to create a long-form, 20-minute show called “The Harold,” a staple format in theaters around the world. After completing this level, you will be an official graduate of the Big Canvas Long-Form Program!

Class currently not in session.

Level 5 – Post-Graduate Performance

Want to learn more formats and improve your stage presence after graduating? This is the class for you. We’ll focus on your individual strengths to help you become the performer you want to be.

Class currently not in session.